Midas Journal F.A.Q

Is the MIDAS Journal free?

Yes, the MIDAS Journal let you publish you article free of charge as long as your submission is public. If you are organizing a workshop or a conference and want to host papers using the Midas Journal, please contact us.

I'm organizing a workshop, can I protect the submissions until the final decision?

Yes, The MIDAS Journal provides an easy way to make submission privates and visible only to reviewers and associate editors. When the reviews are done, you can decide if you want to make the selected papers public or keep them private.

Does my submission have to include open-source code and data?

No, The Midas Journal doesn't require your code to be open-source or to have data. However if you have open-source code and data we suggest you to submit to the Insight Journal.

What if people don't like my submission, can I withdraw it?

Even better than withdrawing your submission - you can improve it! We welcome revisions at any time. Your submission is a dynamic thing - if it goes well, you can add more details. If people don't "get it", you can clarify the important points. Just follow the handle address to your paper, press edit, and upload the improved version of your paper. People can learn from the steps you took to reach that now highly regarded new version...

What/who created the Midas Journal?

The Midas Journal has been created by Julien Jomier and Charles Marion at Kitware. The site has been launched on September 2008.

What system is used behind the Midas Journal?

The Midas Journal submissions are indexed and archived using Kitware's digital library system called MIDAS.

What about my privacy?

We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our privacy policy.
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