An OpenCL implementation of the Gaussian pyramid and the resampler

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Nonrigid image registration is an important, but resource demanding and time-consuming task in medical image analysis. This limits its application in time-critical clinical routines. In this report we explore acceleration of two time-consuming parts of a registration algorithm by means of parallel processing using the GPU. We built upon the OpenCL-based GPU image processing framework of the recent ITK4 release, and implemented Gaussian multi-resolution strategies and a general resampling framework. We evaluated the performance gain on two multi-core machines with NVidia GPUs, and compared to an existing ITK4 CPU implementation. A speedup factor of ~2-4 was realized for the multi-resolution strategies and a speedup factor of ~10-46 was achieved for resampling, for larger images (~10^8 voxels).
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تعرف على أسعار الحجر الهاشمي في مصر بأشكاله المختلفة
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Comment by Denis Shamonin yellow
1. The source code has been merged with latest elastix see
2. The source code has been tested with latest ITK
ITK 4.12.2 (25 Oct 2017)
CUDA/v8.0 (NVidia driver 378.49)
Intel OpenCL SDK (version on CPU
3. The source code builds and tests performed using elastix dashboard:
4. The full paper:
5. The latest GPU performance results could be found in section supplemental data of the full paper:
6. The recent GPU/CPU performance experiments could be found in directory test_logs see source code.

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Categories: Image pyramids, Resampling, Transforms
Keywords: image registration, parallelization, GPU, OpenCL, GPUResampleImageFilter, GenericMultiResolutionPyramidImageFilter, elastix
Tracking Number: NWO NRG-2010.02, NWO 639.021.124
Toolkits: ITK, CMake
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